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ZoomBrowser EX Updater (ver. 5.­8b) PE SELF-EXTRACTING publicado 2007.04.30.

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Categoría Cámaras digitales
Marca Canon
Dispositivo MD110
Sistemas operativos Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Versión 5.­8b
Tamaño de archivo 37.39 Mb
Tipo de archivo PE SELF-EXTRACTING
Publicado 2007.04.30
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This is the latest ZoomBrowser EX updater.­ The latest update is compatible with Windows Vista Version 5.­8b Released on 30-04-2007 Description: Windows Vista has been added as a supported OS.­ Windows 98SE and Windows Me will not be supported from this version.­ Please note installation of this update has been changes for Windows Vista version.­ For Windows Vista,­ you can install the later version of the software update by inserting the CD-ROM* bundled with your product even if the previous version has not been installed.­ * The CD-ROM bundled with the product includes one of the following software.­ - ZoomBrowser EX - Digital Photo Professional - EOS Viewer Utility Changes From ZoomBrowser EX 5.­8a to ZoomBrowser EX 5.­8b Support added for new Picture Style files The extension for the Picture Style files has been changed from '.­pse' to '.­pf2'.­ Please download the files again.­ The effect of the files has not been changed.­ Support added for EOS-1D Mark III Corrected the bug of not being able to save image files converted from RAW images in RAW Image Task In Windows Vista environment,­ corrected the bug of the [Save] button becoming unclickable when specifying a folder outside of the 'user' folder as a destination for image files converted from RAW images in the RAW Image Task of ZoomBrowser EX.­ Precaution to EOS DIGITAL camera users: If you install ZoomBrowser EX 5.­8b,­ users of the following DIGITAL SLR cameras are required to use EOS Utility.­ (EOS Utility is an application for connecting to EOS Digital cameras,­ controlling them from a PC,­ and taking remote shots.­ ) To users of ZoomBrowser EX 2.­x/­3.­x: - In order to update to ZoomBrowser EX 5.­8,­ it is necessary that ZoomBrowser EX 2 or 3 is already installed on the target computer.­ - It is necessary to transfer the database files as follows: If you want to display the titles and comments added with ZoomBrowser EX 2 or 3 on ZB 4 or 5,­ you will need to convert the database file used in EX 2 or 3 for use with ZoomBrowser EX 4 or 5 before using these applications for the first time.­ Please note that if ZoomBrowser EX 4 or 5 is used before this conversion,­ the titles,­ comments,­ sound annotation information added with ZoomBrowser EX 2 or 3 will be erased.­ Instructions 1.­ From the Start menu,­ select All Programs -> Accessories -> Explorer to start up Windows Explorer.­ 2.­ Open the Program folder under the folder in which ZoomBrowser EX 4 or 5 is installed.­ 3.­ Double-click dbconverter.­exe (or dbconverter) within that folder.­ 4.­ Specify the database file that you have been using and click the Start button (Example: C:\Program Files\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Database\My Database.­zbd) 5.­ When a message appears indicating that the database conversion is complete,­ click OK.­ Restrictions of Database File Conversion There are restrictions regarding the folder under the Program Files folder.­ In ZoomBrowser EX 4 or 5,­ folders under Program Files folder are not displayed.­ Therefore the images within the Library One folder,­ which was standard in ZoomBrowser EX 2 or 3,­ cannot be viewed in ZoomBrowser EX 4 or 5.­ In order to view images within the Library One folder,­ please move the image files to a location outside of Program Files using tools such as Windows Explorer.­ Note: Please move the folders after converting the database file.­ - RAW Image Converter 1.­x cannot be started from ZoomBrowser EX 4 or 5.­ When converting RAW images,­ please either start RAW Image Converter separately or install File Viewer Utility.­ - There is no longer a TWAIN interface in ZoomBrowser EX 4 or 5.­ Please use ZoomBrowser EX to

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